Application deadline on June 22nd 2023

Startup grants to young researchers that are setting up their own research group. Eligible applicants should have a position connected to a university or institute, alternatively a clinical position at a university-affiliated hospital, and have received a PhD year 2017 or later. Applicants can be granted no more than two times. Applicants must indicate if they previously received this grant and provide a satisfactory report to be considered for a second grant. Grants to applicants that have not yet received other support that covers salary and running costs for more than one year are prioritized.

The decision is final and cannot be appealed. Review notes are not distributed.

The application system for year 2023 is open between May 2nd and June 22nd at midnight. Each applicant should also send in a pdf-enclosure to the e-mail address provided below. Only applications with both a submitted electronic application and enclosure are accepted.

Online application


Frequently asked questions

The pdf-enclosure should be sent in one copy to the following e-mail address no later than one week after the closure of the online application system.

Your application will be processed according to standard procedure when both the electronic form and the enclosure have been received by Jeansson Foundation. You will be informed about decisions by e-mail in November. The decisions are final.

Thank You!