Is it required to have a position in Sweden to apply for funding from Jeanssons Stiftelser?

The application is open for young group leaders with a position in any Swedish institute or university.

I am currently doing my postdoc but I will soon return to Sweden and set up my own research group. Can I still apply for support from Jeanssons Stiftelser?

Jeanssons Stiftelser is supporting young group leaders with research activities in Sweden. Young investigators who will soon return to Sweden to establish their own group can submit an application. The applicant must however show that they have a well established affiliation with a department in a Swedish university.

Is it possible to include or attach figures to the application?

No – it is not possible to submit any graphics with the application.

Can special characters, such as Greek letters, be used in the application?

No – the online application system only supports regular characters. Special characters, for example Greek letters can be written: micro or u, kappa or k, etc. Super-script and sub-script can be written unformatted, for example: Ca2+ or CO2.

Can I use tables in the application?

No – the online application system cannot format tables.

Is parental leave considered by Jeanssons Stiftelser?

Jeanssons Stiftleser is considering parental leave when reviewing applications. Please add this information under “E. Dates for parental leave (where applicable)” in your short CV.

How could I use the funding from Jeanssons Stiftelser?

Awarded funding from Jeanssons Stiftleser can be used for running costs and salaries (including stipends) in accordance with the regulations of the host university.

Should over-head be included in the budget?

Yes – the budget should include over-head costs in accordance with the regulations of the host university.

Will you provide the reviewers’ comments on my application?

No – the decision is final and appeals are not accepted. We are trying to distribute as much grants as possible to young scientists and therefore we are minimizing the review process.